Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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VERY Important Announcement!

Hey RainBows!
   Now I only have 3 more weeks of school left (and until I won't be a freshman anymore!) so I'm going to try to finish strong. That's not what I wanted to announce though. I'm not going to be making poses for a few weeks because I'm going to be working on machinima. I might make poses through the times my internet goes out, I'm not writing scripts and I'm not filming but I won't be releasing anything new for a bit.
    However, if you request poses I will create and release them. I've got a lot of pack ideas but they can definitely wait, I haven't been able to film anything and I want to get my youtube back up and running (I deleted my old machinima because they were mostly practice videos)
    Now don't take my entire word for this post, I might randomly release a pack without announcing. I'm getting close to 30 followers on Tumblr so I'm definitely releasing a gift pack for that. No more details though I'm not even sure what I want to do for it yet ;D
   If you're in school then you might know how hard it is to keep up with 3 blogs, school and in some cases 3 little chores...and getting a job. (LOL) It's all fun though makes my life as a home schooled student more interesting.
   Alrighty, I'll post some updates on the machinima later. I've got episode one script written and downloaded a town with a population of 0. I added 3 characters and a dog! (YAY) Now, I better go get my lunch guys. Thanks to all the affiliates and partners and simmers and RainBows! You all make me happy and feel like I'm giving something to the simming community...not anything big but something!! <3



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