Monday, May 6, 2013

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The Archer's Bows Have Broken Pose Pack

Hey RainBows!
    I'm so VERY excited to bring you my newest pose PACK...and the reason pack is bold is because it's an actual pack with 8 new poses from MEEEEEEE! Now if you follow me on my Simblr you'll see I already released it last night on there. But I didn't have time to post it both on here and my Simblr so here I am posting it on this fine, drizzly morning!
    This was all inspired by Micah (from and some of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. She's really a beauty you should check the blog out some time. But for now let's talk about the pose pack. Now I made list compatible with BOTH list and non-list so you won't need to download separately  If you don't want list-compatible in your game and only want non-list there is a download to only have that come in the zip file also. 
   After I post this I'll post the reference photos (which comes inside of the zip also) from my inspiration...these poses aren't an exact replica of Micah's poses but I don't think I did too bad getting it to look similar. Her elbow does look weird and twisty in pose 7 but I fixed it as best as I could without making her arm look like a fetus something was growing out of it.
   I hope you all enjooooy! (Took me all day to make yesterday but it's so fun that I didn't care how long it took...)

Non-List Compatible: Dropbox / Mediafire
List Compatible: Dropbox / Mediafire



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