Friday, May 3, 2013

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RainBow Premiere Poses

Hello RainBows!
    Here I bring you my first RainBow Pose Pack! (Woohoo Bowie made some Poses) Well…it’s only 2.Any who-vians, I made these and I was inspired by photographs I ripped out of my Vogue magazines and plastered onto my walls. These aren't anything to go koo-koo-kerazie about right now because there are some notable flaws that I tried my best to fix.
     One being her weird legs while sitting, her weird feet sitting and her floating hands sitting. Another being her weird legs standing…and on both her broken fingers that I tried to do something with. Keep in mind these ere the first poses I've ever made…hopefully I’ll get better.
   I am working on my first couple poses (testing, packing and uploading) but they might not be finished until Monday because I have to do homework this weekend and I’m working towards getting my workers and drivers permit.Now without further ado here are the download links.

 Pose List Compatible: Dropbox / Mediafire
 Non-List Compatible: Dropbox / Mediafire 
 P.S. You may need to use ALT. Also, eyes and fingers are very evil. e____e


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