Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hey Rainey Rainy Rain RainBows!
    Long time no update! I've been busy with everything but this blog and that's for the simple fact that my life is now non-stop occurrences. So let me update you on my life first! Well you all know how badly I wanted to leave the dreadful ECOT [Heebie Jeebies] I successfully left! I started my new school on Tuesday and am UUUUBER thrilled everyday!
   I'm in the drama club, Acting I, Writing Seminar, Newspaper Committee, Humanics [English/History], Health, Biology and Common Core Math II. That is one of the main reasons I have been unable to create poses..another reason I still don't have a mouse and my laptop snapped in two!!
    So I'm working on bettering myself and focusing on school..the beauty of having your own blog no pressure if you can't post!! I love you all dearly, and The Sims 4 better be great! I saw it at Gamescom [I didn't go I saw the broadcast run-down/trailer. The sims look nice..wonder if we'll need many seems like custom hair and stuff would be difficult to blend with the rest of the world but modders made it for TS3 and are quite good at what they do!!
   Love y'all!

Loads of updates..I'm a baaaad blogger!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Hey RainBows!
   I've been everywhere and back. I thought that with Summer I'd have more time to create poses but I still never got a mouse and my schedule is jam-packed. I got out of my school though and am now going to a Performing Arts High School.
   Anyways, more poses to come by Fall around October or November because with school starting and Summer ending I will not have enough time. Another thing I want to get pose requests already but just no fans [wah, due time patience Bowie..patience] Tell your Sim friends about it or you can contact me and we can advertise each other.
  For now I shall keep on doing this awesome stuff I'm doing, Summer break ROCKS!!!

Give me post requests please + Updatishness-Something

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hey RainBows,
    Sorry for no poses, I keep scrapping what I create and have found no time in simming. I've also had creators-block which is why I opened and decided to do pose requests in the first place. I've gotten no pose requests though so nothing new to release yet. Some personal stuff happened and I'm working on creating a more personal blog about my life and such so I don't know when I will find ideas, inspirations or get pose requests.
   I hope to be able to post more in the future and hope your Summer is safe, happy and wonderful. Not sure when the next update will be but I'm off to eat some nutella and work on editing and setting up my personal blog [[under a different username ;D]]

My Dearest Apologies

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hey RainBows,
    This has nothing to do with the usual poses or life updates but instead is a favor that is really quick and might brighten your day as well as mine and some awesome others! Long story short I am an admin on this awesome page on Facebook as of last Friday. The goal is 1,000,000 likes [in no specific amount of time] All you have to do is like...nothing else. We have 700 [probably more if you're reading this a different time/date] and are rapidly gaining.
   Of course you'll easily spot me as my tag is --Bowie [like my blog] Now the name said girls but a vast majority of the likes are guys..dudes this won't make you lose your masculinity or grow a va-jayjay. New pose pack in the works and thanks for the awesome 1500+ views. Thanks in advaaaaanced lovelies!!

                                                    Like This For Bowie Please =3
UPDATE: You don't have to click the link anymore you can just like on the side now!


Attention Facebook Users..A Favor from Bowie!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hey RainBows!
    I've been uber busy but I'm done with everything now and will begin pose making today! [YAY!] So excited to bring more things and well...I'm behind need to release 500,1000 and [now thanks to all you simmers] 1500! I go by pageviews....just because I can xD
    Racking some ideas up, I already have so much planned and so very excited to be able to do this for my Summer break instead of absolutely anything like last year. I'm also helping a dear friend of mine, Curtis, sim and can't wait to coach him and show him the wonderful world that is Sims! Welcome to the family Curt!! Like I've said before I am taking pose requests, with credit to the requester of course, so just contact me however. All my contact information is on my Google+ [LOL] page!
   I ought to start making these poses and wait for Curt to log on and that what-not. I will be updating this a LOT more. Promise!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hey RainBows!
    So sorry for the oh so long [sarcasm intended] time away. School is coming to an end and summer is now slowly prepared. Anywhovian, if you don't follow my youtube I'll update everything I said on there.
   One, I've come to the decision that I want to extend my blog from just poses, machinima and personal stuff to clothing and objects too. That means extra hard work, learning how to mesh, crying, getting frustrated and buying a new mouse [already going to get one]
  Another thing, I'm not going to be updating my Simblr as much as my blogspot. Tumblr seems like a better place for personal blogging and personal blogging only for me. I'll probably only post pose packs on there but not nearly as many updates as now.
  Which brings me to the next thing...4 pose packs in mind. I've had plenty of time to come up with ideas for my 500 reach and 1000 reach pose packs. Plus two other miscellaneous ones as well. I cannot wait to bring you more excellent things and am so happy to give back to the Simming community [yay contributor status unlocked]
   Finally, I'm in a really weird happy mood because of some certain things that happened so I might give you all something special. Oh--and I take pose requests..just putting that out there again. x3 Now I should finish Computer Tech class.

Long time no update!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hey RainBows!!
   So, so, sooooo...update since I haven't posted in quite a while. We're up to 900 page views and I need to get a mouse to start making poses again. 2 weeks until Summer break..well 1 1/2. So EXCITED! I've been trying my best to interact with others and socialize but nothing compares to having a real friend I can touch and hug and connect with deeper than just chat messages. Aw well I need to get over it I made an awesome friend named Dakota! Not the same Dakota as before a different one, the other Dakota well--she took him from me. This time I don't talk to her and well she cannot and will not know who I associate myself with.
    Enough talking about her..them. It's not worth my time to think about such things. What have I been doing? Well listening to music and doing homework and trying to socialize (and failing) I haven't been able to film or write scripts I've been so busy. Having this thing makes me think it's a number one priority but then I remember it's mine and I can control it whenever so I don't need to make poses 24/7 to keep interest. Now I ought to get my butt back to doing some stuff I was doing. Oh I've also began some special lessons, but I can't talk about them it's part of the code of conduct not to talk about them. (HAHA)

 Until next time, xoxo

Life, Life, LIFE!