Saturday, May 4, 2013

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Wonderific! You're Terrific!

Hey RainBows!
    Like the Super Why reference in the title? Anyways, I changed some things on this blog I am so very proud to call my own. I've added my Facebook 'Like' Button which I don't really use my Facebook page but now that I'm doing stuff with my time I might...
    I'm doing BANNER EXCHANGES so, post my banner I'll post yours (won't always work that way I might post yours just because I love you) I'm in the middle of testing that couples pose set I made last game won't load worth a very large sum of fiery heck so it'll take a while before I can update you on what's up. 
   If you are an acquaintance from my personal Facebook page then that is AWESOME and THAAAAANK YOU! I have no supporters right friends...nothing. I'm my own backbone so until I grow my audience (where do I start) I might be talking to thin air for a while. This is a dream come true and I'm not just saying that. I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time. I wanted to blog but there was nothing to blog about, I wanted to share sim things but who wants to only see the pics I take? This is a win-win situation. I can now have a blog, share sim pics, share pose packs, share machinima, share knowledge and hopefully gain some friends in the process.
   Now I better get on with updating might see slight changes to the site within the next few weeks or so but it's just because I know it has some missing elements. Over all it's finished. You can add me on skype if you want. I want friends because I have nobody right now just me, my laptop and the sims. 
   I finally feel like I'm doing something with my life! No communication with other people, elaborating on what needs to's mine and I can do what I please on here!! ^-^


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