Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Updates (Life, Simming and School)

Hey RainBows!
    So let me start with the simming update! This weekend in celebration of Week 7 (2 more weeks of school yay!) I'm creating new pose packs...YAAAAAY! (Never saying Woohoo when I'm happy because that;s like randomly shouting SEX in the real world...which the real world isn't as awesome as the Sim World!)  The machinima is going smoothly and I have a ton of scripts done, the neighborhood is filling up and I'm constantly downloading mods and custom content. Now filming won't start until I'm officially out of school, I am going to get a job at the same time so although it sounds like a lot to juggle I can balance it out. Family first, school/work second, simming last. But I do have time for all of them in one day believe it or not.
    That brings me to the school update. I've been working my fingers off (I only have to type for school because I go to a virtual school) these last days I haven't been posting. I've got Introduction to Computer Technology (so I can take Photography next year instead of 11th grade) Physical Science, World Studies, Art I, English I and Algebra I. So I've been doing those. Finished most of them. Anyways, after I finish this school year I will be going to summer school to earn some extra credits that will go towards HSC so that I may graduate early. I might do the PSEO program next year it's just going to be so hectic that I'm still debating and thinking about a plan.
    Now for the life update, I won't be running a blog for that long. This is just something I really love to do that I have time for, like a pastime. After I graduate High School I'm going to continue working and I will save money up (just because saving money is good) I'll have my license by then hopefully. I'll be more fit since I've started training my body to get used to exercise and becoming healthier. Then when the time is right (maybe some months into the summer) I'm going to talk to a recruiter about joining the Navy and that may be the end of my simming. Of course I'll probably continue to update the blog with how things are going, do some pose packs when I have time but I'll be in boot camp one minute and in college the next and possibly deployed another minute. So that's that. But I still have like 2 years so bring on the pose packs! I better get snapping to homework y'all!


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