Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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Life, Life, LIFE!

Hey RainBows!!
   So, so, sooooo...update since I haven't posted in quite a while. We're up to 900 page views and I need to get a mouse to start making poses again. 2 weeks until Summer break..well 1 1/2. So EXCITED! I've been trying my best to interact with others and socialize but nothing compares to having a real friend I can touch and hug and connect with deeper than just chat messages. Aw well I need to get over it I made an awesome friend named Dakota! Not the same Dakota as before a different one, the other Dakota well--she took him from me. This time I don't talk to her and well she cannot and will not know who I associate myself with.
    Enough talking about her..them. It's not worth my time to think about such things. What have I been doing? Well listening to music and doing homework and trying to socialize (and failing) I haven't been able to film or write scripts I've been so busy. Having this thing makes me think it's a number one priority but then I remember it's mine and I can control it whenever so I don't need to make poses 24/7 to keep interest. Now I ought to get my butt back to doing some stuff I was doing. Oh I've also began some special lessons, but I can't talk about them it's part of the code of conduct not to talk about them. (HAHA)

 Until next time, xoxo


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