Friday, May 3, 2013

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New Blog!

Hey RainBows!
      Alright so, this is NOT my first time in blogspot but it is my first time actually posting and doing something. I don't have a fanbase or friends or...anyone really so I guess you could say I'm starting from scratch. I have a Simblr that I just recently made some days ago (though it's not the first Simblr I've had) Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Bowie (that's my simmer name at least) and I'm 15 years old. Just recently (yesterday) I learned how to create poses and ever since then I've been practicing like a mad-man! 
       Today though I released the first two I've created that aren't all that fantastic but they're good..for a starter. At least I think there are. Of course there are flaws that a professional will easily point out but hey, I'm no pro. I thought it would take me all summer to learn how to create poses but it actually only took me a day and some practice. Though there is so much more ahead of me to learn! I created a couple pose about an hour ago but I've not tested it, put it into the pose player and created screenshots so it may take me until Monday to release it. 
       Along with just now learning how to create pose packs, I also run a simatography business on my personal Facebook page (that is deactivated for the time being) and create machinima. I've not got to begin on my Sim Series yet though because I don't even have an idea, characters, plot, this, that, ARGH! I'll have to do the machinima stuff in the Summer though because of school. Simming isn't just a job, interest and's a way of life. I literally have no friends (home schooled and isolated from society) so when I got my sticky hands on the sims you bet your sweet tarts I was slap-happy and it filled the empty holes where friends weren't at. Friends are over-rated anyways..I mean I've met some pretty awesome simmers! Besides being a simmer I'm a pretty normal girl. I like to spent time with family, eat food (oh hush it you I'm not obese or anything), do stuff I'm not supposed to do like use my DS Lite light to read books at bed time (muaha) and play on my various video game consoles. 
     Now I ought to end this post and show you guys my first pose pack! In future pose packs I will include my blogger URL...and hopefully I'll gain some friends so we can recommend each other and work on projects together! Many great things ahead of us RainBows (I want to call my Sim-Friends and Fans Lady Gaga and her Little Monsters ^w^) 


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