Thursday, May 9, 2013

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Erpdate Term >___>

   Sooo, midterms go out this week and that means working extra, super-duper hard on this homework (finally finished) now time to wind down and work on some poses (woohoo time to party!!) Those of you from my Facebook page know how badly I want to leave homeschooling (although it gives me the advantage to work on poses more) buuut I want to go to college for fashion and cosmetology (Not sure if OSU, Columbus State or somewhere else)
    Another thing! I'm a Lovatic and I heard Demi's new album. Just my opinion buuuut I was expecting something else it was too poppy for me...good thing I got Daisy and Deja Entendu at the same time so I can listen to some more Brand New while I work on poses. Though I do like the ballads on her album (I don't care for any of the jumpy-non-slow songs...sorry)
    I got Celtx so I can start working on my machinima scripts and downloaded some new worlds/male sims (I suck at making male sims) I could download CC for the sims all day and never get tired! Well that's all guys, going to go get me a pop-tart and make some poses.

       --Bowie <3


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