Sunday, May 12, 2013

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Pose Requests (Terms and that what-not)

Hey RainBows!
    About to log off today has been a very wonderful and busy day and hopefully you all had a great weekend. I am not ready to begin taking pose requests as I find myself scoping the internet for some poses, I thought I'd get some request taking. It seems like something fun to do and as I said it's therapy for me. Feel free to request anything it'd be easier if you sent me a photo reference to my email, Simblr or Facebook Page.
   Rule Things:
1. Nothing Inappropriate or M-Rated please. It can be kissy-kissy goo goo romance stuff but nothing sexual looking. I'm 15..grah my eyes don't want to see that or make it either!
2. Don't be scared or shy to ask! Ask away, if you think you think I'll think you're a bother shove those thoughts aside!
3. Make it something weird, fun and challenge me if you want. It can be you and some friends, something you saw in a magazine. ANYTHING! <3

Goodnight lovely, awesome,!



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