Thursday, September 12, 2013

Loads of updates..I'm a baaaad blogger!!

Hey Rainey Rainy Rain RainBows!
    Long time no update! I've been busy with everything but this blog and that's for the simple fact that my life is now non-stop occurrences. So let me update you on my life first! Well you all know how badly I wanted to leave the dreadful ECOT [Heebie Jeebies] I successfully left! I started my new school on Tuesday and am UUUUBER thrilled everyday!
   I'm in the drama club, Acting I, Writing Seminar, Newspaper Committee, Humanics [English/History], Health, Biology and Common Core Math II. That is one of the main reasons I have been unable to create poses..another reason I still don't have a mouse and my laptop snapped in two!!
    So I'm working on bettering myself and focusing on school..the beauty of having your own blog no pressure if you can't post!! I love you all dearly, and The Sims 4 better be great! I saw it at Gamescom [I didn't go I saw the broadcast run-down/trailer. The sims look nice..wonder if we'll need many seems like custom hair and stuff would be difficult to blend with the rest of the world but modders made it for TS3 and are quite good at what they do!!
   Love y'all!


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