Sunday, June 16, 2013

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Hey RainBows!
    I've been uber busy but I'm done with everything now and will begin pose making today! [YAY!] So excited to bring more things and well...I'm behind need to release 500,1000 and [now thanks to all you simmers] 1500! I go by pageviews....just because I can xD
    Racking some ideas up, I already have so much planned and so very excited to be able to do this for my Summer break instead of absolutely anything like last year. I'm also helping a dear friend of mine, Curtis, sim and can't wait to coach him and show him the wonderful world that is Sims! Welcome to the family Curt!! Like I've said before I am taking pose requests, with credit to the requester of course, so just contact me however. All my contact information is on my Google+ [LOL] page!
   I ought to start making these poses and wait for Curt to log on and that what-not. I will be updating this a LOT more. Promise!


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