Sunday, May 12, 2013

State of the Art(ist) Pose Pack [[stupid me started my computer in safe mode and it hid the files]]

Hey RainBows! last night when I was weirded out by that crash on my computer it was really just an overheated laptop like I thought. The reason the files were gone is because I started my laptop in safe mode instead of selecting "Start Windows Normally" which I don't know why it'd do that but I won't complain I have them now. I still don't have the one I was working on though but it's alright.
   Now, now I said there would be 11 poses but only these survived. The other ones I scrapped they were too...basic. Been there, done that kind of stuff. Soooo! As you know what to do download pose list compatible or non-list compatible. List compatible comes with BOTH in them so you won't need to get them separately. If you don't read any of my Read-Me files then I'll announce it on here. From now on I will be taking pose requests. Reference photos are PERFECT...just send me an email ( or hit me up on my Tumblr. You can also post on my Facebook page ( so start...requesting! ^__^ First come, first served so be patient in case it starts getting busy.
    Now here you all are...ENJOY!

Non-List Compatible: Mediafire / Dropbox
List Compatible: Mediafire / Dropbox



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