Saturday, May 11, 2013

Oh No! My Worse Nightmare Came True!

Hey RainBows...
    So I was making the last pose for my pose pack and getting ready to test everything. My laptop overheated and died so I lost the last pose. No biggie I can remake it...or so I thought. The crash did something weird to my laptop (that I am trying to fix) My rigs open up as only a head. My poses I created for the new pack are ALL gone. Not just the last one I was creating. My S3PE closes by itself before the files load. It's acting very strange. I do keep back up files but the last time I created a restore point or backup files was a while ago.

I honestly don't feel like re-making those same exact poses I had to stare at over again so I may just work on something new and figure this out. I'll just uninstall and reinstall Blender, the Rigs and S3PE. Shouldn't take that long...good thing my finished packs are on mediafire and dropbox...good lord that scared me. Now let's sit here, not cry or complain, get over this unfortunate event and be happy my computer didn't explode or something. Now I'm wondering if it overheated or if it was something else.

(k. done with Dr. Who gifs and rant..for now)

      Bowie (a very sad Bowie)


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