Saturday, May 4, 2013

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It's here!

Hey RainBows!
   Here I bring you the Luca pose set! It's my first couple pose and it's not perfect..I just thought that I would try and practice as best I can so I can grasp the basics! Now, now there are some noticeable flaws but hopefully you can look past it and keep in mind I JUST STARTED MAKING POSES 3 DAYS AGO!
   I named the pose Luca because that's the song I was listening to (by Brand New)...and Luca Brasi is terrifying (The Godfather is a great book and film you should check them both out) I made my zip files different this time...I put list-compatible alone and non-list compatible alone. So if you want both list and non-list you'll have to download them separately. I was also suggested to get an adfly or linkbucks account...heh. NOT happening! I'm a downloader myself and the things are annoying as heck! So straight links (Dropbox/Mediafire) until I figure how you can download straight from the webpage. (Tumblr or Blogspot)
   The pack isn't perfect but I'm proud with what I's not an exact replica of the picture from my Tumlr dashboard but when I become better I might (keyword might) remake this to look a million time greater. Download links (woot woot baby!)

List Compatible ONLY:       
Non-List Compatible ONLY:



  1. Anonymous said...

    Do I only download one file? Because, I have this and it's not showing up so I am confused.. Do I put poses in a different folder in the packages or what?

  2. Bowie Sims said...

    For it to show up download list compatible [from dropbox or mediafire] You only need to download one though for it to work =)

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